Hi there and welcome to Traci Branscum Photography - The Website.  Thanks for stopping by and allowing me the opportunity to showcase some of my work as well as tell you a little bit about myself.

I am married to Eli, a fabulous guy and extremely supportive husband, who always puts up with me having a camera around.  I have 3 children with three very unique personalities.  Brynnley (my oldest) the sweet little introvert.  Blane (my middle) who keeps me on my toes with his wit and energy.  Last, Colby (the little guy) who loves to make me laugh.   

My love of photography has grown leaps and bounds since having my own children.  I began photographing 8 years ago and have continued to pursue my passion and drive for it by running my own business as well as continuing my education with it. 

My goal is to capture life's moments for you and provide lasting memories in the form of art.  I hope to provide you with photographs that will forever remind you of your child's personality at that particular stage of their life..whether it be newborn snuggles or toddler tantrums.   

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