What to Expect at your Session 

Expect to have fun and be yourself!  I might ask you to make funny faces or do silly things to break the ice and create connections with your family.  I might also ask to take your child away for a bit for some one on one attention if they are comfortable with it.   Most of all I want you and your family to have a wonderful photographic experience - this means feel free to keep the lines of communication open and let me know if you want something specific.  I will do my best to capture beautiful moments and provide you with lasting memories. 

 Expect the session to take from 1 to 2 hours.  Since I specialize in children's photography I don't really put time limits on the sessions.  I know first hand how things sometimes don't go as planned with children so we take a very relaxed attitude during the session.  I follow the child's leads and take breaks as needed. 

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